Adrian offers up to 2 hours personalized service for 1 bike or up to 3-hours for 2 bikes. Each session consists of various methodologies and 2D / 3D technologies to assess cycling biomechanics and motion, ergonomic position, foot / pedal / cleat interaction and saddle position / requirements. Each session includes physiotherapy physiological assessment to understand considerations related to bike positioning.

Adrian is confident working alongside cyclists and bikes that include road, gravel, touring, triathlon, time trial, cyclocross, and various MTB disciplines including XCO / XCM / XCC, Enduro, and Downhill.

Please contact us for further information regarding service and fee structure, including follow up session information..

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It is Adrian’s overriding goal to assist riders from recreation to elite professional level, sharing as much knowledge as possible to achieve individual goals. Adrian used a direct drive Wahoo KICKR that accommodates all rear dropout widths, rim and disc brake road bikes, track bikes and 27 / 29-inch mountain bikes.

Adrian uses industry leading 3D biomechanical motion analysis software from STT Systems and LEOMO motion analytics (links below). Adrian is familiar with UCI rules and regulations if required for upcoming events.

If you have private health insurance with physiotherapy cover you may be eligible for a physiotherapy rebate.

Please contact reception on 9316 1186 or email for more information.

STT Systems

The ultimate solution for 3D cycling analysis and bike fitting, based on optical motion capture.

Real-time, full-body biomechanical movement data – this system also allows accurate measurement report of the final bike position in 3D with PDF document provided.

Leomo Bluetooth motion tracking

Using Bluetooth gyroscope motion tracking sensors and sophisticated software we can track motion in real time and view all this on a live video feed.

The five motion sensors are three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometers motion sensors and record the athlete’s movements at 100 data points per second. Optitrack Motion Capture has verified the accuracy of this process.
Using the bike fitters knowledge and experience we can identify areas that could lead to potential injury as well avenues to increase performance, pedaling efficiency and improve time trial position.

This can be tracked over time and improvements reviewed during the follow up process.  See HERE for more details.

What to expect during a bike fit consultation:

Each bike fit will include:

– Physiotherapy assessment
– 2D and 3D motion capture
– Ischial (sit bone) measurement
– Saddle assessment and recommendations including options for testing or purchase
– Foot, pedal and cleat assessment and adjustment as needed; and
– 3D measurement (report) of bike position upon completion of the session. This document will be in pdf format, providing various point to point measurements (distances) of the setup of the bike eg. saddle height, handlebar / hood height. These distances can be used as a baseline for future reference or recalibration

Bike sizing consultation

Adrian is also available for bike sizing advice prior to a new bike purchase. These sessions are 30 minutes or 60 minutes duration and can provide advice regarding ideal frame sizing according to height, upper / lower limb length, individual rider history / goals.

These sessions can also be claimed from your health fund with physiotherapy cover. Please contact us for more information related to bike sizing sessions.

If you require any further information about our service or to make a booking, please contact reception on 9316 1186 or email