Adrian believes great results can be achieved by combining real time cycling movement data with knowledge of multiple bike fit systems and cycling experience depending on rider needs. A systematic approach combining both objective and subjective analysis to each bike fit is necessary in achieving great outcomes. Understanding cycling injury, listening to each cyclist and problem, extensive documentation, history and follow up are fundamental elements in each bike fit that help to achieve optimal results.

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Adrian believes the bike fit process should involve close communication between rider and bike fit consultant, with individual goals prioritised.

Road/trail/track/touring bike position testing is critical at various loads, believing bike fit as a service should not be isolated to a single session and not purely based on ‘plug and play’ bike fit systems.

Adrian accepts the complex nature of bike fitting and blend bike fitting experience with the ability to listen and understand cycling, cycling injury and understand the biopsychosocial factors that can influence cycling injury rehabilitation. This skill and experience coupled with industry leading cycling movement analysis technology allows a high standard of personalized service to be delivered, one that can assist an entry level rider to elite professional.

Perth Bike Fit are distributors of German company Solestar Cycling Insoles, currently researching the role of performance insoles in improving foot to pedal efficiency and midfoot stability. Studies have previously indicated increased force and improved proprioception can be gained using Solestar – sports performance insoles.

Despite the low impact nature of cycling, positioning is an important factor in preventing and managing injury and enjoying riding a bike.

Comfortable positioning is a vital factor in influencing pedaling efficiency, fatigue, performance and most importantly enjoyment of riding a bike.